At the age of four, Niek made his first trip abroad, when his parents took him on vacation to the island of Mallorca (Spain). Travelling runs through his blood now. Up till today, he has travelled to over 25 countries (e.g. Australia, China, Great Britain, Guatemala, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Tunisia, United States, …) in 5 different continents.
Niek has been a movie fanatic as long as he can remember. He has been a club member of the Belgian Star Wars fan club for 8 years; of which 4 years as their event manager and a member of the editorial staff.
He is a founding member of Star Force Events. Through this organization he functioned as a personal assistant (PA) for Hollywood actors as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lance Henrikson, David Caradine, Matthew Wood and Jeremy Bulloch on several signing conventions.
This website gives him the opportunity to combine two of his passions.



As a child, Ilse loved skiing, as a result she spent quite some time in the Swiss and Austrian mountains. In her teenage years, Ilse travelled frequently to Scandinavia - Finland. She became very good friends with the daughter of the guest family where she was staying. Ilse loves reading fantasy books.
She is a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books. When she had the opportunity to visit the movie set locations in New Zealand, of the Peter Jackson's LotR trilogy, she didn't hesitate for a second. Since then she loves to travel to overseas destinations as the US, Mexico, Australia and China.
Musicals are another big interest of Ilse's. Every year she travels to the West End district - London to catch a performance or two. On her last trip she took the Queen's Walk around the city centre to track down a large number of movie set locations.



Mark is the man behind the Bounty Hunter autograph collecting website. He has travelled around the world to collect autographs of his movie idols. In 5 years he organized over 180 signings. Many of those were personal signings with big names as Mark Hamill, Dave Prowse and Sir Christoper Lee.
But that is only one of the many projects on his plate. Mark has been the president of the Belgian Star Wars fan club and he was the driving force behind the Star Force 2005 event.
Mark organized 3 'Trips to Tatooine'. He went to track down the filming locations of the Star Wars movies, in the Tunisian desert. On one of his many journeys he also visited Skywalker Ranch and Rancho Obi-Wan.
When he flew all the way to New York for the release of Star Wars : Episode I, he was the first Belgian to see The Phantom Menace.
Last year he undertook a journey to the cold glacier of Finse in Norway to find the movie locations of his favorite movie Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back.


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